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Gypsy Arcade
The Montana Heritage Commission acquired all the machines on exhibit in the arcade in 1997, when the State of Montana bought a majority of Bovey Restoration. Even the artwork on the walls are digital reproductions of original lithographs also owned by Charles and Sue Bovey. There are hundreds of thousands of these old games, in Boveys collection to be displayed to the public.

Opera House
The Opera House was founded in 1948, it was originally a livery stable that was used as a 19th century theatre. It was later converted into building you see today and is a place where the Virginia City Players Theatre Company performed authentic 19th century melodramas and a varied, vigorous vagary of vivacious vaudeville variety acts.

Music Hall

The Nevada City, MT Music Hall houses the one of the largest public collection of automated music machines in North America. Charles and Sue Bovey began collecting the machines in the 1940's, bringing together a unique assortment of antiques like no other collection anywhere. Many of these machines are still in great working order, while others are being restored in partnership with AMICA's (Automated Musical Instrument Collector's Association) Adopt-A-Piano program.

Charles and Sue Bovey began collecting buildings in the early 1940s. The Sullivan Saddlery, moved with its contents from Fort Benton to the Great Falls fairgrounds, became the first building of their “Old Town.” In 1959 Bovey was asked to remove his collection in Great Falls. Nevada City, MT became a haven for those historic buildings and others acquired later. There are more than ninety buildings along Nevada City’s streets. A few are original, many have been carefully placed along the streets, and some are constructions. In 1997, the State of Montana purchased the Bovey properties in both Virginia City, MT and Nevada City, MT. But as you can discover, Nevada City, MT is a treasure chest of gems from across Montana. Step into the past and enjoy this unique adventure!


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