The Story & Clark Piano & Organ Company is deeply steeped in history. Hampton L. Story opened his first music store in Burlington, Vermont in 1859. In 1862, Mr. Powers joined Story and formed the Story & Powers Company. During the Civil War era, Story & Powers sold prestigious piano brands like Jewett, Allen, and Guild. The famous Estey Organ Company offered Story the Estey Organ Agency for the Midwestern states in the late 1860s, so Story moved his business to Chicago. Isaac Camp joined Story in the late 1860s, and they formed the Story & Camp firm. Hampton L. Story retired from Story & Camp in 1884, then formed the well known Story & Clark firm with his son Edward Story and Melville Clark. At first the firm produced a number of reed organs, then later added pianos to their line. In the 1880s, Story & Clark’s huge success allowed them to open new factories in Chicago, London and Berlin. Although Story & Clark claims it was established in 1859, they didn’t actually start building their own pianos until the 1890s. Their organs were discontinued in the first decade of the 20th Century and all concentration was put toward piano and player piano manufacturing during the pre-Depression era. By the 1930s Story & Clark was building a full line of uprights, grands, and player pianos. Story & Clark continued to build pianos all through the 20th Century, and the name is still being produced today..